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Programs installed in FluXuan

13 February 2022 - Reading time: ~1 minute
  • Gufw - Firewall with interface
  • Sakura - Lightweight Terminal Emulator
  • Firefox-ESR - Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) is an official version of Firefox developed for large organizations like universities and businesses
  • Lxappearance - to change Appearance and Themes
  • Plank - to provide a desktop launcher / dock APPS
  • Featherpad - lightweight notepad like for Linux
  • Smplayer - MPV - like vlc but lighter
  • Pulseaudio audio output
  • Pavucontrol manage sound cards and output
  • Xpdf - Small PDF Reader.
  • Xpaint - Small Paint to edit Pictures
  • Viewnior - Small Image Viewer
  • Xarchiver - Archive management
  • PcmanFM - Small Fast File Management
  • Gparted - Manages Your Partitions and Drives
  • Synaptic Package Manager - Install Uninstall programs
  • xfburn - Lightweight Disk Burning Tool
  • feh - to handle your Backgrounds
  • yad - Gives a GTK interface to your Bash Scripts.

About Fluxuan Linux

Fluxuan is a small fast operating system based on Devuan without SystemD and that fits on a 700mb CD so you can simply install it .
Fluxuan Linux comes with mostly everything you need in your Computer to run everything that you need with low memory and a reasonable speed.