11 February 2023 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Hello and nice to see you all, even if it did pass some time since I managed to update / write something this is what is new :

A support forum is up and running at https://forums.fluxuan.org.

Even if you see that at this time there are no posts feel free to open new Topics.

A Category named "International" was added so you can write in your own language just select "International" as Category, I will use some Translation services for Reply just don`t be upset with me for grammar mistakes.

I will be there almost every Day checking to see how I can Help you in your Problems.

Yes I am working on the new Fluxuan Release and as a hint what will be new in :

1) Automatic right click menu, that means that programs you install or remove will be added or removed from your menu without making you create or remove entry`s.

2) Wbar was replaced by Plank even if that sacrifices about 10-15mb of memory due to the drag and drop system to add Icons and or Remove them and a "Ctrl + Right Click over it will take you to Preferences" where you can change themes and or make it how you like it.

3) Arandr and Nitrogen have been Removed instead a little bash script will set your Resolution and feh your Backgrounds this decision was taken due to changing Wbar with Plank, had to reduce some memory so that even if Plank takes more I gave it from Nitrogen so you can enjoy the same amount.

4) A new Cli installer that will only ask about 5 questions and will do everything for you and Your new Fluxuan Machine will be Ready to use.

But untill then It was a Pleasure and I am going to wait for you onto https://forums.fluxuan.org even if it is just for a chat.

Thank you for being there !!!